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The Denny Jackman Scholarship

An annual essay competition and scholarship awarded by Farmland Working Group​

Farmland Working Group sponsors an annual competitive scholarship for graduating high school students in Stanislaus and Merced Counties. The scholarship is named for Denny Jackman, former Modesto City Council member and an advocate for smart growth, Denny was a charter member of the Farmland Working Group.

The deadline for submission is to be determined (School Year 2023-2024). Late applications will not be considered. The selection process is based on the merit of the submitted essay. The scholarship has a monetary component. Selected essay(s) will be published in the Group's newsletter, a profile photo will be requested for inclusion in the Newsletter.

Applications are only accepted using the submission form below. If selected, we invite you to attend a Board meeting and to read your essay.

2023-24 School Year Prompt:

Not yet determined.

Essay Submission Form, NO APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED FOR 2024.

Thanks for submitting!

This form has expired as of 2/16/2023.

Prior Scholarship Recipients

2025 To be determined.

2024 None selected.

2023 Carolina M. of Patterson HS (Stanislaus Co.) - 2023 Summer Newsletter

2022 Landon C. and Morgan O. of Hilmar HS (Stanislaus Co.) - 2022 Spring/Summer Newsletter

2021 None selected.

2020 Megan E. of Los Banos HS (Merced Co.) - 2020 Spring Newsletter

2019 William S. of Buhach Colony HS (Merced Co.) - 2019 Fall Newsletter

2018 Alison D. of Enoch HS (Stanislaus Co.) - 2018 Fall Newsletter

2017 Stephanie S. of Buhach Colony HS (Merced Co.) - 2017 Spring/Summer Newsletter

2016 None selected.

2015 Clayton S. of Buhach Colony HS (Merced Co.) - 2015 Fall Newsletter

2014 Larry B. of Waterford HS (Stanislaus Co.), and Erica S. of Buhach Colony HS (Merced Co.) - 2014 Summer Newsletter

2013 None selected.

2012 Gavin A. of Livingston HS (Merced Co.) - 2012 Fall Newsletter

2011 John C. of Hughson HS (Stanislaus Co.) - 2011 Summer/Fall Newsletter

2010 Johanna M. of Turlock Christian School (Stanislaus Co.) - 2010 Fall Newsletter

2009 Jennifer R. of Atwater HS (Merced Co.) - 2009 Fall Newsletter

2008 Victoria K. of Modesto HS (Stanislaus Co.) - 2008 Summer Newsletter

2007 Garland C. of Beyer HS (Stanislaus Co.) - 2007 Summer Newsletter

2006 Lance A. and Teresa M. of Ceres HS, and Elizabeth A. of Beyer HS (all in Stanislaus Co.) - 2006 Summer Newsletter

2005 Christopher H. of Ceres HS (Stanislaus Co.) - 2005 Summer Newsletter


High School abbreviated to HS.

Contact the Scholarship Committee directly at

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