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Guiding Modesto's Future Away From Farmland - Winter 2022/2023

2022 Balancing Housing needs with the Protection of Farmland - Fall 2022

2022 Denny Jackman Scholarship recipient - Morgan Oliveira - Spring/Summer 2022

Riverbank needs to rethink gigantic River Walk growth proposal - Winter 2021

Riverbank would grow to McHenry under plan for 2,400 homes. Not so fast, critics say - Fall 2021

Turlock: Concerns Grow - Spring/Summer 2021

How to boost Stanislaus County housing and protect farms at the same time - Winter 2020

Modesto - It's Time for Urban Limit Lines: Fall 2020

No Farmland, No Food: Spring 2020

Urban Limit Lines: Protecting Farmland, Growing Cities: Winter 2019

The Importance of Soil & Celebrating 20 Years!: Fall 2019

Saving Farmland, Growing Cities: Spring 2019

American Farmland Trust: Winter 2018

Fighting the Water Grab: Fall 2018

State of the Art on Agricultural Preservation: Summer 2018

Our Agricultural Heritage and Productive Farmland must be Promoted and Protected" Kristin Olsen: Winter 2017

"We Must Work to Save our Best Farmland" Terry Withrow: Summer/Fall 2017

Stanislaus County leaders give approval for Wood Colony MAC: Spring/Summer 2017

Economics of State's Water Grab Don't Add Up: Winter 2016

Connecting LAFCO to Local Elections: Summer 2016

Farmers Markets in California: Spring 2016

A Time to Reflect on Farmland Conservation Efforts Throughout the San Joaquin Valley: Winter 2015

Limits to Modesto's Sprawl Coming to Ballot: Fall 2015

Trying to Overturn LAFCO Vote is Wrong: Spring/Summer 2015

On the Ballot: Winter 2014

Time to Put a Hold on New Ag Wells in Foothills: Summer 2014

No Annexation of Wood Colony: Spring 2014

Protecting Our Ag Economy and Farmland and Focusing on Economic Development: Winter 2013

Modesto's Denny Jackman Keeps Plugging Away for Farms: Summer/Fall 2013


Finite Resources: Water & Productive Farmland​: Spring 2013

2012: A Very good year for smart growth: Winter 2012

Why is it Important to Mitigate & Conserve Farmland in California's Central Valley? Fall 2012

​The Great Divide over Farmland Protection: Winter 2011


New Leadership, Same Vision: Summer/Fall 2011​


Voters...Elected Leaders: Spring 2011

​From Court Decisions to the Ballot Box 2010 was a Good Year for Smart Growth: Winter 2010


Support Turlock's Smart Growth Tradition in General Plan Update: Fall 2010​​


Cities Sprawl!: Spring 2010​​

Rethinking the North County Corridor: Winter 2009​​​​


Two Stories of Farmland Protection in Stanislaus County: Fall 2009​​


Striving to protect food, families and farmland 10 years!: Spring 2009​​


If you want to know your past, look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future, look into your present actions: Winter 2008​​​

Growing Smart: Summer 2008​​​​​​​

E Changes Everything!: Spring 2008​​​​


Protecting Farmland and Growing Efficient Cities: Winter 2007​

Salida How? County Taxpayers, Who's to Pay on Going Costs of Salida Now: Summer 2007​​​

Farmland Mitigation -- Stanislaus County and Modesto to follow San Joaquin County and Stockton?: Spring 2007


Blueprint for our Future! Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley: Winter 2006


If you beat the Bay Area, Join it

Having a high enough in-lieu fee protects precious farmland


Five Myths about California's Drought


Rural Spot Settled by Religious Group in California Fears a City's Encroachment


Data on Subsidence


Battle of Wood Colony could get louder


City tackles farmland versus development


Farmers to take on city


Why pave over my family home?


Best Way to Save Wood Colony? Urban Limits


Jobs Not A Good Enough Reason


Modesto Takes Up Urban Building

Residential Urban Farming Limit Protection Policies


Patterson drops growth request

The biggest question to ask ourselves after vote is "Salida How?"

Modesto Bee editorial on Hughson policy

"Saving Farmland, Growing Cities: A Framework for Implementing Effective Farmland Conservation Policies in the San Joaquin Valley" (American Farmland Trust Report, January 2013)​

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