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Who will Preserve Stanislaus County's Productive Farmland? Its Citizens - Winter 2023 (labelled Fall 2023)

Where did all the farmland go? Better planning is badly needed in the Valley - Fall 2023

Many Reasons to Oppose Huge River Walk Proposal - Summer 2023

Guiding Modesto's Future Away From Farmland - Winter 2022/2023

2022 Balancing Housing needs with the Protection of Farmland - Fall 2022

2022 Denny Jackman Scholarship recipient - Morgan Oliveira - Spring/Summer 2022

Riverbank needs to rethink gigantic River Walk growth proposal - Winter 2021

Riverbank would grow to McHenry under plan for 2,400 homes. Not so fast, critics say - Fall 2021

Turlock: Concerns Grow - Spring/Summer 2021

How to boost Stanislaus County housing and protect farms at the same time - Winter 2020

Modesto - It's Time for Urban Limit Lines: Fall 2020

No Farmland, No Food: Spring 2020

Urban Limit Lines: Protecting Farmland, Growing Cities: Winter 2019

The Importance of Soil & Celebrating 20 Years!: Fall 2019

Saving Farmland, Growing Cities: Spring 2019

American Farmland Trust: Winter 2018

Fighting the Water Grab: Fall 2018

State of the Art on Agricultural Preservation: Summer 2018

Our Agricultural Heritage and Productive Farmland must be Promoted and Protected" Kristin Olsen: Winter 2017

"We Must Work to Save our Best Farmland" Terry Withrow: Summer/Fall 2017

Stanislaus County leaders give approval for Wood Colony MAC: Spring/Summer 2017

Economics of State's Water Grab Don't Add Up: Winter 2016

Connecting LAFCO to Local Elections: Summer 2016

Farmers Markets in California: Spring 2016

A Time to Reflect on Farmland Conservation Efforts Throughout the San Joaquin Valley: Winter 2015

Limits to Modesto's Sprawl Coming to Ballot: Fall 2015

Trying to Overturn LAFCO Vote is Wrong: Spring/Summer 2015

On the Ballot: Winter 2014

Time to Put a Hold on New Ag Wells in Foothills: Summer 2014

No Annexation of Wood Colony: Spring 2014

Protecting Our Ag Economy and Farmland and Focusing on Economic Development: Winter 2013

Modesto's Denny Jackman Keeps Plugging Away for Farms: Summer/Fall 2013


Finite Resources: Water & Productive Farmland​: Spring 2013

2012: A Very good year for smart growth: Winter 2012

Why is it Important to Mitigate & Conserve Farmland in California's Central Valley? Fall 2012

​The Great Divide over Farmland Protection: Winter 2011


New Leadership, Same Vision: Summer/Fall 2011​


Voters...Elected Leaders: Spring 2011

​From Court Decisions to the Ballot Box 2010 was a Good Year for Smart Growth: Winter 2010


Support Turlock's Smart Growth Tradition in General Plan Update: Fall 2010​​


Cities Sprawl!: Spring 2010​​

Rethinking the North County Corridor: Winter 2009​​​​


Two Stories of Farmland Protection in Stanislaus County: Fall 2009​​


Striving to protect food, families and farmland 10 years!: Spring 2009​​


If you want to know your past, look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future, look into your present actions: Winter 2008​​​

Growing Smart: Summer 2008​​​​​​​

E Changes Everything!: Spring 2008​​​​


Protecting Farmland and Growing Efficient Cities: Winter 2007​

Salida How? County Taxpayers, Who's to Pay on Going Costs of Salida Now: Summer 2007​​​

Farmland Mitigation -- Stanislaus County and Modesto to follow San Joaquin County and Stockton?: Spring 2007


Blueprint for our Future! Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley: Winter 2006

Stanislaus Count Ag Element Updated - Keep Development Off Productive Farmland: Summer 2006

Saving Farmland! Trust's Easements protecting our ag, but we need more: Summer 2005

Yesterday's "Vision" - Today's Policies: Spring 2005

The Vision for Stanislaus County - Are We on Course?: Fall 2004

What are Conservation Easements: Spring 2003

Take a moment to think about your community: Summer 2002

Proposition 40 Makes Sense: Spring 2002

Your Vote Counts!: Fall 2001

Urban Citizens, Key to Farmland Preservation: Spring 2001


Problems with River Walk, largest Stanislaus Proposal in two Decades | Modesto Bee, May 2023, PDF link.

How best to guide Modesto’s future | Modesto Bee, January 2023, PDF link.

Patterson and Turlock have more to learn about good planning | Modesto Bee, May 2022, PDF link.

How to get more Stanislaus housing while protecting farms | Modesto Bee, December 2020, PDF link.

Stanislaus farmers keep going even during Pandemic | Modesto Bee, April 2020, PDF link.


Reliving two decades of Farmland Working Group’s fight against sprawl in Modesto, Stanislaus County | Modesto Bee, August 2019, PDF link.

Farmland Working Group has fought sprawl in Valley | Modesto Bee, August 2019, PDF only.


If You Can't Beat the Bay Area, Join It | Connecting California | Zócalo Public Square (, July 2018, PDF link.

Modesto’s Measure I seeks to protect area’s best soils, water recharge areas | Modesto Bee, October 2015, PDF link.


Sprawl debate rekindled by ballot measure to set boundary for Modesto | Modesto Bee, October 2015, PDF link.

Jeani Ferrari: Having a high enough in-lieu fee protects precious farmland | Modesto Bee, February 2015, PDF link.

Patterson’s proposed farmland mitigation fee is contested | Modesto Bee, November 2014, PDF link.

Mike Dunbar: Modesto battle over Wood Colony could get louder | Modesto Bee, January 2014, PDF link.

Jeani Ferrari and Allen Gammon: Jobs not a good enough reason to cover up Wood Colony | Modesto Bee, January 2014, PDF link.

Our View: Reasons not to develop Wood Colony | Modesto Bee, January 2014, PDF link.

Modesto City Council to tackle farmland vs. development | Modesto Bee, January 2014, PDF link.

Alan Cover: Why would anyone want to pave over my home? | Modesto Bee, December 2013, PDF link.

Patterson City Drops Growth Request - Patterson will try to revise Proposal for Growth | Modesto Bee, February 2013, PDF only.

Saving Farmland, Growing Cities: A Framework for Implementing Effective Farmland Conservation Policies in the San Joaquin Valley | FIC (, An American Farmland Trust Report, January 2013, PDF link.


Patterson annexation plan omits Farmland Clause | Modesto Bee, September 2012, PDF only.


$3 Billion and Growing - Crop Report Signals Strength, Steady Gain of Income, Ag | Modesto Bee, September 2012, PDF only.


Occupy the Farm activists reoccupy UC Berkeley farm plot in Albany | The Mercury News, August 2012, PDF link.


City, County Mull Salida Annex Study | Modesto Bee, August 2012, PDF only.

Growth Initiative is Lauded | Modesto Bee, February 2012, PDF only.

Farmers express worries over loss of Ag land to city | Modesto Bee, January 2011, PDF link.

The biggest question to ask ourselves after vote is ‘Salida how?’ | Modesto Bee, August 2007, PDF link.

Larger Ag Land Parcels Could Reduce Sprawl | Modesto Bee, May 2006, PDF only.

Modesto Bee editorial on Hughson policy | Modesto Bee, April 1995, PDF only.

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